Dad Illustrates His Daughter’s Comments

Martin Bruckner, decided to turn the sayings of his 3-year-old daughter, Harper Grace, into illustrations. Originally, he started the project as a Mother’s Day gift to his wife,...

Run To The Hills

“This picture was taken circa 1985. I grew up the only Chinese kid in a very small town. I went through a heavy metal phase after being introduced to Iron Maiden from the cool older kids on my block. In an attempt to fit in, I pierced my ear and got a mullet.”

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

“My girlfriend’s aunt is a high school principle, and she just sent her this excuse note a parent sent in.”

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“In 5th grade I was worried I would blink and mess up my yearbook photo.”

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Reading Material

“My uncle Max just didn’t give a sh%*.”

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“My cousin had some serious style back then. I really want that shirt.”

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Cliff Dive

“Jerome obviously had trouble parking his car. Need I say more?”

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(Passive) Aggressive Notes From Kids

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