The Anatomy Of A Portrait Gone Wrong

The Anatomy Of A Portrait Gone Wrong - Behind The Awkwardness

“She had run away from me and by the time I caught up with her, she had discovered the mud puddle. I know my kid, and I knew that with the mood she had been in all morning, she would dive into the puddle as soon as I tried to get her away from it. So I just took photos. Worth it!”

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Playboy - School Photos

“My kindergarten photo, discovered in my parents attic today during a return visit home. Clearly, my parents nailed it.”

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Thug Life

Thug Life - Babies

“My wife said our daughter looks like a gang member. I don’t see it.”

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Head Restraint

Head Restraint - Kids

“Score two for DIY.”

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Couch Potato

Couch Potato - Kids

“Walked in on my son watching TV like this.”

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Letter To Congress

Letter To Congress - Kids

“When my sister-in-law was 13, she wrote a letter to her Congress-person. This was the reply.”

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Close Encounters

Close Encounters - Siblings

“When I was cleaning the basement, I found a picture my sister drew when she was little of her sacrificing me to the alien gods.”

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