Bridesmaid Birthday Suits

Bridesmaid Birthday Suits - Photos

“This is the lovely view enjoyed by those who attended my sister’s Catholic Church wedding who sat on the bride’s side. An unintended consequence of (mostly) strapless gowns!”

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Baby In One Hand, Root Beer In The Other

Baby In One Hand, Root Beer In The Other - Babies

“This is how my Dad used to hold me as a baby.”

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The Shirt Said “No”, But She Said “Yes”

The Shirt Said “No”, But She Said “Yes” - Couples

“Today I asked my girlfriend to marry me. Thankfully her t-shirt was ironic instead of her actual answer.”

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Last Wishes

Last Wishes - Photos

“This was my uncle’s will.”

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Lucky Louie

Lucky Louie - Babies

“Apparently I was Louis C.K. when I was a baby.”

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New Mom High On Painkillers Can’t Remember She Gave Birth

Tisha Heffron, who had given birth to a son, Clay, hours earlier, was still recovering from the effects of the morphine when her husband James tried to record her first waking moments. Even though she was in a hospital room, wearing a gown, and sitting across the room from Clay, she claimed to have no idea what James was talking about. She insists that their son’s name is “Jackson,” which is true…except Jackson is their fifteen-month-old.

The baby part isn’t the only thing she struggles with. At one point she wonders why the room keeps going dark, and James explains it’s because she keeps closing her eyes. She also asks James if he’s her brother, and whether the baby came out of her belly button.

Eventually the meds wore off, Tisha’s memories returned, and everyone was happy.

You can watch the video below:

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Bridesmaid Standoff

Bridesmaid Standoff - Photos

“This is me and my bridesmaids. Contrary to this picture, I very much enjoy their company.”

(submitted by Rebecca)

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