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Kids Who Look Exactly Like Parents

“My mom gave me all my old school photos and when my 14 year old saw it, she grabbed it and said, ‘Hey Mom…it’s me! In 1990-something.'”

(submitted by April)

Torso Man

“I heard my dad angrily muttering to himself and then this weird, weird laughter… This is how I found him.”

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A slice of life.

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11 Wedding Disasters

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“Our youngest daughter was throwing snowballs at my husband on the first warm day we have seen in months. Apparently, forty-five degres and sunshine equals no shoes! I was attempting to take a photo of her tossing a snowball barefoot and captured her hitting the bullseye instead!”

(submitted by Jessica)

Kids Who Look Exactly Like Parents

“This is my first school picture with my daughters first school picture. I was shocked how much we look alike.”

(submitted by Leigh-Anne)

44 Awkwardly Awesome Recreations

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Wedding Day

“Wedding day. Can’t think of a better representation of my family.”

(submitted by Nikki)

30 Awkward Russian Wedding Photos

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“My son (3 yrs old here) really wanted to be Spiderman when he was little. A bit too much if you ask me 🙂 Does it make me a bad father that I took a picture BEFORE helping him down??? Btw, he was totally fine.”

(submitted by Dan)