The Grab

The Grab - Wedding

“Friend got a little excited for the bouquet toss. My little cousin is in awe.”

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Couple Wore Matching Outfits For 37 Years

Couple Wore Matching Outfits For 37 Years - Awkward Galleries

Don and Nancy wore matching outfits for 37 years. Each outfit has been hand tailored by Nancy, who began the tradition two years into their marriage. Looking back on the first time they wore matching outfits, Nancy says, “I made Don the same shirt I was wearing. We’ve dressed alike ever since. We love it.” When the New York Times asked Nancy why her and Don dress like they do, she replied, “First and foremost, it’s fun! We like it! But it’s also the clearest sign we can give that we’re together. For Donald and me, that’s our deal.” The secret to a happy marriage? Don says, “We are always together, and that’s the only way we like to be.” Sadly, Don passed away last week, but their matchy-matchy memories will live on as a tribute to their love.

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Photog Down

Photog Down - Wedding

“Photographer fell down while taking a wedding picture, here’s the picture he ended up taking.”

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At The Wheel

At The Wheel - Dad

“I promise my dad is not as creepy as he looks in this pic.”

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The Make-Up Diaries

The Make-Up Diaries - Kids

“So, I took ballet in 1988. Julie took dance and ballet in 1991. She posted a picture. I thought, gee, that makeup looks familiar. We found out we had the same teacher four years apart. Can you tell?”

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Picture In Picture

Picture In Picture - Graduation

“This is a photo of the graduate and his fabulous mom. My husband is the one in the background lecturing my daughter about something.  My favorite part of the photo is my husband’s mouth is full of food. Not even a reprimand to my daughter can keep my husband away from a good meal.”

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The Repair Job

The Repair Job - School Photos

“My aunt got her hair colored shortly before her high school graduation. It turned orange on accident. This was the repair job. Rest assured, you could spot her in the crowd of graduates from a mile away.”

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