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What Happens In Vegas

The most important thing is that he fit into the dress.

(via Pet)

Clowning Around

“This is a pic of my husband and his family. My mother in law is obsessed with clowns. Her house is covered in them. This year they were even included in the family pic.”

(submitted by Seth)

Recreating The Awkwardness

The gift to our parents that got us kicked out of our house.

(submitted by Kevin, Dan, and Bryan)

Cake Boss

Let’s not forget who this day is really about.

(submitted by Jason)

Little Drummer Girl

“This represents our one and only professionally shot family photo. It was taken at my elementary school and I was mortified to show up at school in a marching band outfit. My mother insisted. Naturally, my friends laughed.”

(submitted by Colleen)

Freaky The Snowman

Only the sun can save us now.

(via girlfriend)


“My dad climbed in a turtle shell shirtless and started eating greens. My mom climbed on top and rubbed his head.” (submitted by Michele)

Rockabye Baby

Nightmares be gone.

(via Su)

Foo Fighter

You can’t hide from us, David.

(submitted by Kevin)

Only The Strong Survive

Putting it all into perspective.

(via Aplus)