Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - School Photos

“This is my kindergarten picture. The photographer said to smile like Cookie Monster, so I did, literally! I still remember pulling it out of my backpack to show my mom.”

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Message On A Bottle

Message On A Bottle - Mom

The very rare non-suicide note.

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Food Hats

Food Hats - Awkward Galleries

Phil Ferguson, an artist from Melbourne, crochets food-inspired hats that while awkward, are also kind of awesome. To see more of his tasty hats you can check out his Instagram, Chili Philly.

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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love - Behind The Awkwardness

“My brother was obviously having some adjustment issues.  My parents proudly displayed this photo for years and it now has a special place in my own home.”

(submitted by Christine)

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Parkour - Family Portrait

“Family photo from last fall: we had to physically restrain my little brother and when he finally got to jump, the photographer caught this gem.”

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Mom Reviews Daughter’s Top On Amazon

Mom Reviews Daughter’s Top On Amazon - Mom

This mom purchased her 16 year-old daughter a top off Amazon that didn’t exactly cover enough. Here is her review:



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