Day Rider

Day Rider - Babies

“I applaud my parents for taking awesome baby pictures of me.”

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Dancing On The Ceiling

Dancing On The Ceiling - Friends

“My friend threw a party at his parents house. Cops came and a girl fell through the ceiling.”

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Awkward With A Horse

Awkward With A Horse - Vacation

“Mom says, ‘honey stand with the horse and pose’ on a winter beach trip. 20 years later the photo goes viral amongst Alison’s friends, simply titled ‘Awkward with a horse.'”

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Tubular - Vacation

“So me and my brother decided to try tubing behind a “fastboat.” We underestimated it.”

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Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter - Behind The Awkwardness

“Once my parents couldn’t find me and had to call the police. This was the most recent photo they had (me holding a dead duck my dad brought home from hunting) to show the police, who thought it was hilarious.”

(submitted by Cheryl)

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Gene Pool

Gene Pool - Family Portrait

“My family was not particularly photogenic in the 80s.”

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