My Lego Valentine

My Lego Valentine - Kids

“Fourth grade me was shocked a Lego Valentine’s Day box at school didn’t get you all the girls.”

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Bathroom Rorschach

Bathroom Rorschach - Photos

“My aunt went to the bathroom in her new building. This is what she saw.”

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Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues - Birthdays

“My 7th birthday in 1982. My mother wanted to take a nice picture of me with my cake but my hair was all static-y and I got mad and would not let her brush it.  So, she took this picture of me pouting over my cake, messy hair and all.”

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Play To Win

Play To Win - Kids

“Well, don’t say you want a Lego tower-building tournament if you can’t handle losing.”

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A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love - Mom

“This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport after we hadn’t seen each other for a few years. She made me walk through the whole airport in a hug.”

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B-Ball F-Bomb

B-Ball F-Bomb - Photos

“This is my brother Jake’s rec league basketball picture circa 1990. The actual team name as you might have deduced was the ‘Bucks’. Lucky for us there was a fortuitous fold in the shirt that gives us our accidental master piece. On a little side note, this picture in a larger form (8×10 I think) was proudly displayed on a wall in my Grandmothers house for years. She never understood why people always laughed at this picture. Needless to say she didn’t have an eye for details.”

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Dad’s New Remote

Dad’s New Remote - Dad

“This is how my Dad has been changing channels lately.”

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