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Hip To Be Square

Hip To Be Square - Babies

“My fiancé’s family always teased him about having a square head, I never understood it until I saw this…”

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Lunch With Santa

Lunch With Santa - Christmas

“Saw Santa eating lunch, so I sat with him… he gave me the death stare and continued to eat. The people in the background make the picture interesting look at their faces!”

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Don’t Be Offended

Don’t Be Offended - Photos

“I’m an Army veteran. A very sweet old lady handed me this note in a VA hospital waiting room.”

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You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up - Dad

“My grandpa, my dad, and myself. Making three generations of wives worried sick.”

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It’s Clint

It’s Clint - Birthdays

“It was my cousin Clint’s birthday, and his mother-in-law reminds us all about the importance of kerning.”

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