Wonder Twins - AFP Hall Of Fame

Wonder Twins


(submitted by Bill)

Grandma Sue - Wedding

Grandma Sue

“Somebody goosed Grandma Sue.”

(submitted by Gianna)

The Kid’s Table - Behind The Awkwardness

The Kid’s Table

“Our family of 6 kids did a lot of traveling by VW bus.  This shows the youngest brother ‘hanging’ around.   I have a bunch more awkward family shots but this one just cracks us all up.”

(submitted by Katrina)

Mask - Grandparents


No, it’s not photoshopped.

(submitted by Joanne in the UK)

Wade In The Water - Behind The Awkwardness

Wade In The Water

“This is the result of me getting the lead in a play. I had to stand in a blow-up swimming pool on stage in a swimsuit while a group of kids sang “She waded in the water” behind me. The grand finale was me getting my swim suit wet. Definitely awkward back then, but kind of creepy now.” 

(submitted by Lesley)

Georgie - Pets


He was always a forward thinker.

(submitted by Michael)

In Cold Blood - AFP Hall Of Fame

In Cold Blood

So, it actually was a snake in his pants.

(submitted by Mike)

Shock & Awe - Family Portrait

Shock & Awe

You have to hand it to Mom, for being the only one to hold it together.

(submitted by Katie)

Reach Out And Touch - Family Portrait

Reach Out And Touch

So close but yet so far.

(submitted by Frank)

Heads Up - Behind The Awkwardness

Heads Up

“My Mother got a great deal on this family portrait, mainly because it wasn’t meant to be for a family THIS size. But we were all together, so she was determined to make it work.”

(submitted by Kathryn)