It’s A Hard Knock Life - Behind The Awkwardness

It’s A Hard Knock Life

“I was 6 years old.  My mother was obsessed with me being Annie because I had curly hair.  So, she fluffed it up, bought me a red dress and a stuffed dog and had my picture taken.  I can’t sing, I can’t dance and had no interest in theater.  Hopefully, the photo was enough for her dream.”

(submitted by Kristi)

Around The Bend - Family Portrait

Around The Bend


(submitted by Vicky in the UK)

Space Invader - Behind The Awkwardness

Space Invader

“The first professional photo of my husband and I together. The cameraman had assured us that our son would not be in the picture… it’s my favorite picture and our first family photo!”

(submitted by Kelly)

Run Ronnie Run - School Photos

Run Ronnie Run

The heat is on.

(submitted by Drake)

Bohemian Rhapsody - Siblings

Bohemian Rhapsody

Four brothers, but only one thumbshelf.

(submitted by Christian)

Sunny Days - Family Portrait

Sunny Days

The yellow accents really bring out the yellow accents in this family.

(submitted by Jeffrey)

Super Casual - Wedding

Super Casual

Keeping it classy.

(submitted by Ronald)

Taking The Plunge - Babies

Taking The Plunge

“My 11 month old was fascinated by the household toilet plunger.  Obviously, it was off limits. But after a week of constantly prying it from his little grasp, I bought him a brand new one for his very own. And then… this is what he did with it.”

(submitted by Mallory)

Fine Feathered Friend - Babies

Fine Feathered Friend

Glamour runs in the family.

(submitted by Antoinette)

Shotgun Wedding - Wedding

Shotgun Wedding

Have her home by eleven.

(submitted by Anthony)