Sugar Don’t Bite - Behind The Awkwardness

Sugar Don’t Bite

“This is my sister’s dance class from approximately 1989. Although there are so many funny elements to this photo, nothing quite trumps the stud in the back.”

(submitted by Grace)

A Soft Touch - Engagement

A Soft Touch

He was just trying to figure out if he knew her.

(submitted by Matt in the UK)

What about me? - Babies

What about me?

Out with the old. In with the new.

(submitted by Andrew)

All Eyes On Me - Babies

All Eyes On Me

She wasn’t ready for the spotlight.

(submitted by Brittany)

Teddy Bear - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Teddy Bear

If the ladies like a guy with a dog…

(submitted by Lindsay)

Angels & Demons - Behind The Awkwardness

Angels & Demons

“This was shot by a professional photographer when my wife was expecting our second baby. It is common in China to have such photo shooting for any important family time. But the photographer did not expect me to act as a demon behind my wife.”

(submitted by Christophe in China)

Foot In Mouth - Babies

Foot In Mouth

He just knew himself too well.

(submitted by Kevin)

The Big Dig - Wedding

The Big Dig

Someone was bound to get dumped.

(submitted by Antoine)

Gutterball - Babies


“At the time of this photo, my family lived in a small town off a busy highway. My little sister was ever wandering off, wherever we went; and she had a tendency to put everything in her mouth. We needed a solution to keep her in sight and out of trouble, while we were outside doing yard work. The only thing we had was baling twine, which we kept tied to the gutter. We had to put her on her “leash” often, which makes her adult preference for bondage rather… awkward.”

(submitted by Cindy)

Recreating The Awkwardness