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Old Smokey

Grandpa and his cat, Ash.

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They wanted to remember the view.

(submitted by Lea in Australia)

My Left Foot

“Swollen left foot on the wedding and well no shoe plus the bowtie got crooked and the ushers tie was too short.”

(submitted by Paul in Canada)

25 People Ready For Their Close-Up

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Urban Cowboy

Welcome to the big city, kid.

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Bless You

“This was the photo shoot for my newborn son. I was supposed to be looking lovingly at him and instead sneezed all over him. The photographer caught it at just the right moment.”

(submitted by Margaret)

Roller Girl

The eye roll heard around the world.

(submitted by Erin)


Welcome to Bury, England.

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“Was picked to do a photo shoot for a Thalheimers department store, believe it or not.”

(submitted by Tyler)

Nose Frida

“At least this photographer didn’t try to capture that special moment that looked like I was blowing my daughter out my nose. Thanks Kmart, circa 1977.”

(via Jane)