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French photographer Eolo Perfido explores the lighter side of clown life.

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Dazed And Confused

Dazed And Confused - Behind The Awkwardness

“This was my wedding day September of 2000. Someone got a shot of us looking dazed and confused! I’m the bride and my two sisters are on each end looking totally puzzled. Not really sure what’s going on there on the right!? This is what happens when you have a large family with many photo shoots! This picture has been a classic for almost 15 yrs now.”

(submitted by Gina)

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Deep V

Deep V - Behind The Awkwardness

“My 2 year old son’s preschool recently did school photos and I sent him in a cute sweater. I’m not sure if his teachers and the photographer completely failed to look at him, but it seems pretty obvious that the intention of this sweater was to have the zipper partially zipped. The unzipped sweater coupled with his lack of smile and messy hair made for a memorable first school photo.”

(submitted by Vicki)

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Blowing Up

Blowing Up - Celebs

“Our Cub Scout troop attended a Montreal Expos’ game at the Olympic Stadium, probably around 1980. Before the game they had us take our picture with former players during an “old-timers” picture event. Montreal was more of a hockey town, so I couldn’t tell you who these guys were. I guess I was just happy to have my new inflatable friend, albeit facing the wrong direction. My wife refers to this as my first experience with a blow up doll.”

(submitted by Cliff)

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Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears - Family Portrait

“This is a photo of my wife (in the middle) with her sister and dad. I love the before and after aspect of this picture. You can see the glee of a 10 year old who is certain she has a great idea, then the moment immediately after her mom (taking the picture) says ,”Put your hand down!” and how crushed she seems. Everyone else in the photo’s apparent obliviousness only adds to the moment.”

(submitted by Chris)

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Photog Puts Herself Into Childhood Photos

Photog Puts Herself Into Childhood Photos - Awkward Galleries

Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka travels through the past by imagining what it might be like to meet herself as a child.

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