Fish Out Of Home - Pets

Fish Out Of Home

“Picture is of me and the family fish. My friend in Florida takes her 2 dogs for a walk in the stroller. I took my fish.”

(submitted by Carri)

Awkward Ecard: The Soloist - Photos

Awkward Ecard: The Soloist

Parenthood - Babies


“My mother caught us unaware as we had just sat down after returning from the hospital.  This picture vividly illustrates that no matter the amount of lamaze classes, you will not be prepared for reality.”

(submitted by Ben)

What Happens In Vegas - Behind The Awkwardness

What Happens In Vegas

“This is a photo of my mother in Vegas last year for my cousin’s 21st birthday. It looks like my mom is the one who got the presents.”

(submitted by Jamie)

Prom - Prom


We would recommend that this young man is punctual.

(submitted by Deanna)

Oh Shirt - Behind The Awkwardness

Oh Shirt

“I can’t remember the holiday, but my grandparents gave me a shirt & my sister money!!!??? You can see my enthusiasm!”

(submitted by Leah)

Recreating the Awkwardness - Recreations

Recreating the Awkwardness

(submitted by Kelly)

Freeze Frame - Babies

Freeze Frame

Question is… how did the baby make it to the top of the pile?

(submitted by Leah)

The Edge Of Glory - Babies

The Edge Of Glory

Always keep your eye on the baby.

(submitted by Ann)

It’s My Party - Babies

It’s My Party

She had a great time… or so she was told.

(submitted by J Clay)