25 People Ready For Their Close-Up - Lists

25 People Ready For Their Close-Up

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Urban Cowboy - Kids

Urban Cowboy

Welcome to the big city, kid.

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Bless You - Babies

Bless You

“This was the photo shoot for my newborn son. I was supposed to be looking lovingly at him and instead sneezed all over him. The photographer caught it at just the right moment.”

(submitted by Margaret)

Roller Girl - Family Portrait

Roller Girl

The eye roll heard around the world.

(submitted by Erin)

Signs - Pets


Welcome to Bury, England.

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Drfitwood - Kids


“Was picked to do a photo shoot for a Thalheimers department store, believe it or not.”

(submitted by Tyler)

Nose Frida - Babies

Nose Frida

“At least this photographer didn’t try to capture that special moment that looked like I was blowing my daughter out my nose. Thanks Kmart, circa 1977.”

(via Jane)

White Wedding 2 - Wedding

White Wedding 2

The tanning booth was all booked up.

(submitted by Darlene)