Ready For Church - Behind The Awkwardness

Ready For Church

“My parents and brother were so excited to go back to church. They went to my uncles and had him take some pictures. Overly excited, they overlooked the background.”

(submitted by Shanda)

The Hot Mess - Glamour Shots

The Hot Mess

Hair and makeup by Debbie.

(submitted by Debbie)

Semi-Formal - Glamour Shots


Behave yourselves, ladies.

(submitted by Chad)

That Magic Moment - Behind The Awkwardness

That Magic Moment

“Where to start…the wind blowing my hair into my mouth the exact moment of our kiss? My husband’s amazing glowing mullet? Our preacher digging the moment? I just can’t decide!”

(submitted by Fran)

Camera Shy - Babies

Camera Shy

Nailed it.

(submitted by Angelica)

It’s A Boy! - Mom

It’s A Boy!

Apparently, she had scheduled a C-section.

(submitted by L)

Seatwarmer - Pets


If you’re wondering if that’s a cat sitting on top of a pig, yes it is.

(submitted by Pat)

The Scream 2 - Babies

The Scream 2


(submitted by Kristen)

Brideshelf - Wedding


“This is my mother’s wedding picture. Big hair and puffy shoulders!”

(submitted by Nicole)

Pantsed - Wedding


Oliver offers this explanation– “I can’t even remember why we did this.”

(submitted by Oliver in the UK)