funny bird picture, pregnancy announcement

“My wife is obsessed with tropical birds, and decided to do the pregnancy announcement as a symbol of creating a family ‘nest.'”

(submitted by Mel)

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Bushwhacked - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my kindergarten picture I was 5 and my grandmother Ruby loved it. She liked to perm her hair and thought it would be nice on me but every time she tried the curls wouldn’t hold. So the day before school pictures she put the curlers in and made me sleep with them in overnight it was horrible they were pulled so tight it gave me a headache. The next morning she pulled them out and began to brush it out, that’s how it ended up so bushy. I hated the hair but I’m smiling cause my headache was gone and my cousin Shannon who was the same age and grade had the same hair style.”

(submitted by Nancy in Canada)

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Recreating The Bride

Recreating The Bride - Recreations

“My sister played bride as a child and when she finally got married, she recreated the photo.”

(submitted by Don)

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Cowboy Dad

funny cowboy dad

“This was totally the photographers idea after he saw my dad put on his cowboy hat. My mom always hated this one.”

(submitted by Peter)

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Masked Man

creepy dad mask

“This… is Uncle Michael.”

(submitted by Amber)

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