Night At The Museum

awkward caveman costume

“Our family went to a history museum somewhere near Amsterdam. As part of the different exhibitions there was a recreation of ancient Rome. I guess they wanted to be as authentic as possible, and this guy was portraying a worker from the bath-houses. My parents thought it would be appropriate to take a photo of all three girls with him.”

(submitted by Dana)

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And Sew It Goes

delivery fail

Either you deliver on time or you get the sewn.

(submitted by Jen)

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Twilight Zone

young marriage, funny kid pictures

“My brother and I on a Fourth of July float somewhere in Minnesota.”

(submitted by Lisa)

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Over It

uninterested bridesmaid

Recently divorced.

(via Quad)

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The Bird Is The Word

disrespectful grandma

Leave it to Nana to tell it like it is.

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What Happens In Vegas

awkward vegas photos

The most important thing is that he fit into the dress.

(via Pet)

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