Holiday Greetings - Christmas

Holiday Greetings

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Permilicious - AFP Hall Of Fame


“Mom, grandma, and aunt with fresh perms.”

(submitted by Michael)

The Skeptics - Christmas

The Skeptics

They’re not so sure about being sure of anything.

(submitted by Andre)

Party Animal - Pets

Party Animal

“We couldn’t understand why Tabby didn’t enjoy her birthday as much as we did!”

(submitted by Bex)

Christmas Spirit - Pets

Christmas Spirit

“This is my cat (Gus) and dog (Honey Pie).  Honey wouldn’t sit down next to me so I thought it would be a good idea to hold her and Gus.  While my sister was getting ready to take the photo they both started fighting.  This photo is the end result. That is the look of true fear on my face of being mauled by my cat!”

(submitted by Molly)

Ready for My Close Up - Pets

Ready for My Close Up

(submitted by Jonna)

Santa’s Little Helper - Pets

Santa’s Little Helper

“Wal-Mart was all out of Christmas dog clothes, so I picked up a newborn elf outfit instead! Santa was pretty happy!”

(submitted by Beth)

He’s Got the Look - Pets

He’s Got the Look

“Our first family Christmas card! Wilson, our cat, is the main attraction.”

(submitted by Katie)

Costume Party - Christmas

Costume Party

This is what happens when your parents pick your costume.

(submitted by Bobby)

Fast Hands - Pets

Fast Hands

“During our Christmas photo session at work, Pointer got a bit fresh…”

(submitted by Tracy)