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No Matter What

That is commitment for you.

(submitted by Trevor)

Lean On Me

This family has a strong support system.

(submitted by Terrence)

Awkward Ecard: Crappy Birthday

This Guy

“The original pic was taken about a week before my wedding in ’91, and just after the very last hair cut. I was glaring at them wanting to kill my mother-in-law for making me deal with this crap, LOL.”

See more of Jimi at And here is Jimi today, still rocking it.

(submitted by Jimi)

Awkward Ecard: Feel The Magic

Tower Of Children

Welcome to the jungle.

(submitted by Jack)

Pet Noir

Some mysteries were never meant to be solved.

(submitted by Brennon)

Thanks to Brennon for updating his classic…

Sticker Shock

And this was only half-time.

(submitted by Frank)


You can always count on Grandma.

(submitted by Annabeth)


Will you accept this rose?

(submitted by Grace)