Man On A Ledge - Engagement

Man On A Ledge

Their love was lifting him higher.

(submitted by Lexi)

Father Figure - Photos

Father Figure

He wanted his son to look up to him.

(submitted by Brian)

Pranking - Mom


There are times to plank and times not to plank.

(submitted by Nikita)

5 Tips To Being a Grandparent

With the holidays approaching, the AFP Grandparents are back with some important advice for grandparents everywhere.
Trick or Treat 3 - Pets

Trick or Treat 3

The former.

(submitted by Steve)

The Wedding Slipper - Wedding

The Wedding Slipper

Moments later, the shoe didn’t fit and she was not allowed to marry the prince.

(submitted by Suzanne)

Middle Child - Couples

Middle Child

Since she got remarried, her son was afraid he might get lost… in all of that hair.

(submitted by Jennifer)

101 Lap Dogs - Pets

101 Lap Dogs

This family is considering adopting a few more laps.

(submitted by John)

The Vacation Episode!

Over The Rainbow 3 - Family Portrait

Over The Rainbow 3

Think we found the gold on the other side of this one.

(submitted by CJ)