Crappy Birthday - Photos

Crappy Birthday

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Snakehug - Pets


Some pets just love to cuddle.

(submitted by Jeff)

Taking A Stand - Engagement

Taking A Stand

Sometimes she felt like he was putting too much pressure on her.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Saturday Night Special: The Odd Couple - Pets

Saturday Night Special: The Odd Couple

And they said a friendship like this would never last.

(submitted by Nate)

Yellow Fever - Family Portrait

Yellow Fever

Answers the age-old question, “Is it awkward for the whole family to pose with bananas?”

(submitted by Keith)

Dachic-y - Family Portrait


Before there was The Gap.

(submitted by Anne)

Split Frame - Kids

Split Frame

She stepped over the line.

(submitted by Angela)

Facial Profiling - Family Portrait

Facial Profiling

To truly understand them, you must look from every angle.

(submitted by Anthony)

I Would Dye For You - Couples

I Would Dye For You

Confession: It’s not someone’s natural hair color.

(submitted by Deborah)

Christmas Pig - Behind The Awkwardness

Christmas Pig

“Cubans butcher and eat a pork on Christmas eve. This is my grandpa making me pose with the remains of dinner while he talked to it! He was a big joker. I was horrified.”

(submitted by Maria)