The Horn - Halloween

The Horn

“Look at my mom.  And look at the phallic horn on her head.”

(submitted by Jordan)

Me Time - Mom

Me Time

She wanted to share the spotlight.

(submitted by Alicia in the UK)

A Father’s Touch - Dad

A Father’s Touch

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Saturday Night Special: Groomed - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Groomed

They are both shedding.

(submitted by Paul)

The Thinker - Kids

The Thinker

It helps when you’ve got a good thinking cap.

(submitted by Kirsten)

Mullet and Wife - The 80's

Mullet and Wife

They shared the same hair and makeup.

(submitted by WJ)

Cat On A Hot Screen Door - Pets

Cat On A Hot Screen Door

Blue was polite enough to knock first.

(submitted by Rachel)

Shady - Dad


This father has nothing to hide.

(submitted by Rashael)

Shaggy Dog - Pets

Shaggy Dog

Some looks never go out of style.

(submitted by Mark)

Behind the Awkwardness: Purple Haze - Family Portrait

Behind the Awkwardness: Purple Haze

“One day, back in ’81 or so, MawMaw thought it would be a good idea for us to all enjoy a few glasses of her fermented “friendship punch” before heading down to the photo studio at K-Mart.”

(submitted by Chuck)