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A Father’s Touch

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Saturday Night Special: Groomed

They are both shedding.

(submitted by Paul)

The Thinker

It helps when you’ve got a good thinking cap.

(submitted by Kirsten)

Mullet and Wife

They shared the same hair and makeup.

(submitted by WJ)

Cat On A Hot Screen Door

Blue was polite enough to knock first.

(submitted by Rachel)


This father has nothing to hide.

(submitted by Rashael)

Shaggy Dog

Some looks never go out of style.

(submitted by Mark)

Karate Mom

It isn’t easy to make the unicorns look more plausible.

(submitted by Beth)


“This is a photo of me. & people wonder why I am afraid of dolls. Thank you, mom & dad.”

(submitted by Sara)


Let’s Get Physical

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(submitted by A)