Hammer Time - AFP Hall Of Fame

Hammer Time

If he couldn’t blow out the candles, his father was always there to back him up.

(submitted by Christina)

Eyes Wide Open - AFP Hall Of Fame

Eyes Wide Open

This young man had blinked for the last time.

(submitted by John)

Staring Contest - Pets

Staring Contest

Little Jake had never met a bird he couldn’t intimidate.

(submitted by Meredith)

The Spit-take - Family Portrait

The Spit-take

He just couldn’t contain all of of his love.

(submitted by the B’s)

Little Turkey Boy - Kids

Little Turkey Boy

Be the turkey.

(submitted by A)

The Kid’s Table - Kids

The Kid’s Table

Thanksgiving may be over, but the leftovers aren’t.

(submitted by Lisa)

Happy Thanksgiving from AFPP! - Pets

Happy Thanksgiving from AFPP!

Find your inner-turkey.

(submitted by Steve)

Sit - Pets


This dog wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

(submitted by Patrick)

Ice Cream Social - Family Portrait

Ice Cream Social

Sometimes, you do what you have to do to get the kids to the portrait studio.

(submitted by Kelly)

Knees - Family Portrait


Even the dog had to look away.

(submitted by Halter)