The Black Fly - Behind The Awkwardness

The Black Fly

“This was from one of my dance recitals – my dance teacher chose me to be in the older girls’ dance, where they were spiders. I was dressed like a fly and buzzed around the stage until they trapped me with a white parachute (their spider web). Possibly the most embarrassing photo of me ever…”

(submitted by Jenny)

Ferrets Can’t Jump - Pets

Ferrets Can’t Jump

Beware of these hustlers.

(submitted by Amie)

Hair Band - Family Portrait

Hair Band

In this family, you go bald. You’re out.

(submitted by Calvin)

Winning - AFP Hall Of Fame


You know you’re better than everyone else when you just are.

(submitted by Meredith)

Saturday Night Special: Sporty - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Sporty

Some girls prefer to keep it casual.

(submitted by Angie)

Like Father… - Babies

Like Father…

The plaid doesn’t fall far from the tree.

(submitted by Matt)

All Eyes - Pets

All Eyes

Even the cats think she is too moody.

(submitted by Allie)

Flex - AFP Hall Of Fame


This family was split between gym and tan and hadn’t even considered laundry.

(submitted by Elliot)

Pet-A-Likes: Paula & McQue - Pets

Pet-A-Likes: Paula & McQue

(submitted by Paula)

Hawaii Nine-0 - Family Portrait

Hawaii Nine-0

It’s just a state of mind.

(submitted by Kristi)