Royal Pains - Family Portrait

Royal Pains

“This is me and my family. It was a stinking hot summer’s day (in Sydney, Australia) and we’d driven down from the country in the Tarago. They ran out of costumes, so I’m wrapped in mum’s cloak. None of us were happy about the idea. Can you tell?”

(submitted by Sarah in Australia)

Public Transportation - Pets

Public Transportation

This kitty didn’t ask for a window seat.

(submitted by Katy)

Shiner - Behind The Awkwardness


“This is a family photo taken after I ran into a wall…. unfortunately the portrait appointment was already scheduled. The show must go on!”

(submitted by Elizabeth)

Court Dogs - Pets

Court Dogs

Nobody enjoys a good cross-court rally more than an Alaskan Husky.

(submitted by John)

Seacup - Behind The Awkwardness


“My in-laws live on a farm in central Virginia. One particular afternoon I wanted to get some photos of my father-in-law. Naturally he was outside tending to his horses. This horse needed some shots and we all know horses don’t comply when they see the ‘needle.'”

(submitted by Chris)

The Voyeurs - Wedding

The Voyeurs

These four would like the happy couple to “get a room,” but only if they’re invited.

(submitted by Patty)

Whitewash - Family Portrait


“This is my mother’s side of the family (I am looking fly on the extreme far left). I believe the occasion was my step-grandfather’s 75th birthday, and, as you can see, the instructions were to wear white and khaki for this very special photo. I would especially like to point out the varying interpretations of “khaki”.”

(submitted by Liana)

Blinded By The Light - Pets

Blinded By The Light

Meet shock and awe.

(submitted by Anna)

Renaissance Man - Family Portrait

Renaissance Man

A look back at a time when art, music, and puffy shirts flourished.

(submitted by Rachel)

Hard to Handle - Pets

Hard to Handle

Don’t make Santa give you the boot.

(submitted by Heather)