The Scream 2 - Family Portrait

The Scream 2

“Found this in a box of photos from my parent’s attic about 5 years ago. No one remembers the details including my mom. Maybe it was too traumatic…. I’m the one screaming.”

(submitted by Barb)

The Cousins - Behind The Awkwardness

The Cousins

“This is me and my cousins at Christmas 1999; I am the one in the middle sporting the glasses, cool choker necklace, and lovely khaki ensemble. My Grandpa made all of these boxes by hand for us for Christmas. Some of us were happier about them than others.”

(submitted by Mallory)

Shear Elegance - Behind The Awkwardness

Shear Elegance

“I recently snapped a friend of mine at a shearing competition with his family, The sheep looks a bit dead but its actually got its fleece half shawn off. I think its a timeless snapshot, awkward but enchanting.”

(submitted by Tony)

Saturday Night Special: Hunting Dog - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Hunting Dog

The only thing that matters is that they’re in love.

(submitted by Monroe)

The Flutists - Family Portrait

The Flutists

This merry bunch just can’t get enough wood.

(submitted by Brenna)

Bowling - Family Portrait


This is what happens when you ask the hair stylist for a “Dorothy Hamill.”

(submitted by Jackie)

Packing Heat - Grandma

Packing Heat

Grandma always keeps one finger on the trigger.

(submitted by Ben)

Mellow Yellow - Kids

Mellow Yellow

Thanks to Allie MacKay at KTLA for spreading the awkwardness this morning and for sharing the moment she decided not to become a furry.

(submitted by Allie)

Multi-Tasking - AFP Hall Of Fame


You have always been his number one priority.

(submitted by Doni)

Parrot Lady - Pets

Parrot Lady

Mess with her, you get the beak.

(submitted by Delores)