Floutist Of The North - Kids

Floutist Of The North

Somebody triple-dog-dared him.

(submitted by Shelby)

Seeing Red - Pets

Seeing Red

This monkey resented the hand-me-downs.

(submitted By David)

Sitting Pretty - AFP Hall Of Fame

Sitting Pretty

Not all of us are so fortunate.

(submitted by Liz)

Super Casual - Family Portrait

Super Casual

Everything goes with jeans.

(submitted by Mary Jane)

The Choker - Behind The Awkwardness

The Choker

“The whole family seems to be so content as I choke off to the side… this is the epitome of my life. No big deal. I am alive and well now – no thanks to any of my relatives :)”

(submitted by Taylor)

SNS Pet-A-Likes: Distant Cousins - Pets

SNS Pet-A-Likes: Distant Cousins

Alex was shocked to discover that he was part llama.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Saturday Night Special: She’s Got Leg? - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Saturday Night Special: She’s Got Leg?

Aunt Barbara doesn’t do hemlines.

(submitted by Bethany)

Thinking Of Me - AFP Hall Of Fame

Thinking Of Me

Some people are just obsessed with themselves.

(submitted by Megan)

Furry - Pets


You can’t blame him for being confused.

(submitted by Kris)

Horseplay - Pets


You can lead a horse to a carrot…

(submitted by Catherine)