Bedmates - Pets


This possum is a spooner.

(submitted by Alison)

Condescension - Pets


Don’t toy with me.

(submitted by Maggie)

French Kiss - Pets

French Kiss

When you see an opening, you take it.

(submitted by Katie)

Nogjam - Family Portrait


“This is a photo of myself (mom) and my family, minus our oldest daughter, who wouldn’t be caught dead in this photo.”

(submitted by Tricia)

Saturday Night Special: The Golden Child - Pets

Saturday Night Special: The Golden Child

Did we mention he was a Golden?

(submitted by Brenda)

Chip Off The Old Block - Family Portrait

Chip Off The Old Block

Dad taught him every cocky thing he knew.

(submitted by Mark)

Horsefront Riding - Pets

Horsefront Riding

You can’t even lead a horse to water like this.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Mug Shot - Family Portrait

Mug Shot

Somebody is guilty here.

(submitted by Magdalena)

Roll Bounce - Siblings

Roll Bounce

Actually, she does have to rub it in.

(submitted by Keith)

Santa’s Little Helpers - Pets

Santa’s Little Helpers

There were a few reindeer layoffs this year.

(submitted by Shelley)