Sway - Couples


When this guy leans in for a kiss, you better be ready to catch him.

(submitted by Jacque)

Wingmen - Pets


The one-two punch ladies fear the most.

(submitted by Kelsey)

Window Pains - Wedding

Window Pains

Just think of all the joy and laughter the future holds.

(submitted by Jerry)

Resolutions - Pets


To finally getting the respect you deserve in ’11. Happy New Years from AFPP!

Awkward Baby Photos - Babies

Awkward Baby Photos

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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls - Wedding

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

To a new year full of possibility and rising sea levels.

(submitted by Grant)

The Gallery - Pets

The Gallery

He gives them six months. Tops.

(submitted by Anthony)

Look Away - Family Portrait

Look Away

This family reflects on the year gone past and also ignores each other.

(submitted by Trevor)

Abracadabra - Pets


These girls prefer animals that have been pulled out of a hat.

(submitted by Paul)

Red Rooster - Pets

Red Rooster

She wasn’t going to sleep through Christmas morning.

(submitted by Amy)