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Ferrets Can’t Jump

Beware of these hustlers.

(submitted by Amie)

Hair Band

In this family, you go bald. You’re out.

(submitted by Calvin)


You know you’re better than everyone else when you just are.

(submitted by Meredith)

Saturday Night Special: Sporty

Some girls prefer to keep it casual.

(submitted by Angie)

Like Father…

The plaid doesn’t fall far from the tree.

(submitted by Matt)

All Eyes

Even the cats think she is too moody.

(submitted by Allie)


This family was split between gym and tan and hadn’t even considered laundry.

(submitted by Elliot)

Pet-A-Likes: Paula & McQue

(submitted by Paula)

Hawaii Nine-0

It’s just a state of mind.

(submitted by Kristi)

Born To Be Wild

“My grandmother thought it would be cute for me to get my picture made while on the back of a motorcycle being driven by a bear.”

(submitted by Loren)