Saturday Night Special: Please Be Seated - Wedding

Saturday Night Special: Please Be Seated

Because no matter how in love we might be, we’ll always need a break.

(submitted by John)

Fistful Of Dogs - Pets

Fistful Of Dogs

We must always strive for one more Chihuahua.

(submitted by Leonel)

Sugar Magnolia - Kids

Sugar Magnolia

“This is a photo of my younger siblings being forced, by mom, to pose by the Haight-Ashbury sign in San Francisco. This photo has become infamous among our family and friends, we like to call it “Grim, Grimmer, Grimmest”.”

(submitted by Colleen)

Hee-Haw - Family Portrait


“This is our family photo taken at the Hee Haw studios in TN. I’m looking pretty excited to be a part of the shenanigans.”

(submitted by Randi)

Ronnie Darko - Easter

Ronnie Darko

“This is my younger brother many years ago posing with the world’s creepiest Easter bunny aka the mummy.”

(submitted by Betsy)

The Crew Cut - Family Portrait

The Crew Cut

They just never saw hair to hair.

(submitted by Claire)

The Offering - Babies

The Offering

You ordered the baby.

(submitted by Teresa)

Pig In A Blanket - Pets

Pig In A Blanket

This girl was desperate for a piggy back ride.

(submitted by Soquel)

The Wedding Tree - Wedding

The Wedding Tree

They were having trouble looking natural.

(submitted by Sarah)

Feel The Love 2 - Pets

Feel The Love 2

Rowdy just found out that he’ll be spending the day with Collin.

(submitted by Jane)