Santa Baby

Santa Baby - Babies

“Some kids are scared of Santa. Mine, on the other hand…”

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Hats Off

Hats Off - Kids

“Every year the Provo Fire Department has a rodeo for kids. ¬†This is my nephew riding a calf.”

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Dad Got Game

Dad Got Game - Dad

“My boyfriend and his son and I went to a restaurant called The Tilted Kilt in Indianapolis. Didn’t notice the expression of distaste on his son’s face in the background until I posted it on Facebook. Needless to say we got more comments on that than anything else. Not sure what was going through his head, either “That’s gross!” or “Why not me?!”

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The Non-Goth

The Non-Goth - Family Portrait

“This was my rebellious phase.”

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Merry Gothmas

Merry Gothmas - Family Portrait

“This photo is from the year my family got a German Shepherd puppy and more importantly the year I discovered the deep darkness of the soul and Bauhaus. My mom got a coupon for a free family/pet photo from the local Petco and dragged us there for our family Christmas card photo. Since it was free we didn’t get to pick which photo we got, so even though I smiled for like a dozen shots THIS was the one they sent us, probably because the teenager working the booth found it as funny as I do now. I got in so much trouble for it at the time, but I had totally forgotten about it until this season when my mom found it and sent it to me. Luckily she finds it funny now, but I guess since I never stopped wearing all black or listening to music performed by morose skeletons, she has had 20 years to get used to it.”

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Tinfoil Hat Crew

Tinfoil Hat Crew - Mom & Dad

“My parents’ response to my prank.”

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Meet Cute

Meet Cute - Birthdays

“Twenty years ago my brother met his future wife at a kid’s birthday party.”

party 2

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