Objection - Pets


We give him a week.

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In the Dog House - Behind The Awkwardness

In the Dog House

“This was for a school contest my sister was competing in. The prompt was “what if…” and she thought it would be fun to reverse the role of dog and master. I remember needing to pee so badly in that kennel.”

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Old Smokey - Grandpa

Old Smokey

Grandpa and his cat, Ash.

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Signs - Pets


Welcome to Bury, England.

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Dog Day Afternoon - Pets

Dog Day Afternoon

Finally, order has been restored to the universe.

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17 People Who Look Like Their Pets

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The Magnet - Dad

The Magnet

“To be honest with you, I never thought of this as an awkward photo until recently. Really though, I’m not completely sold on it being awkward at all just because I have a mullet, my cats are wearing ties, and I’m wearing a jacket with no shirt on.”

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Georgie - Pets


He was always a forward thinker.

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Ratso - Pets


So, that’s who’s been giving you advice.

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Mini Skirts - Pets

Mini Skirts

Kids these days.

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