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Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites - Dad

“This is a picture of of my dad with our two dogs. As you can see, the painting behind him is not of his biological children.”

(submitted by Alyssa)

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Kiss Off

Kiss Off - Family Portrait

Frankly, the dog was offended.

(submitted by Stephanie)

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The Imposter

The Imposter - Pets

“My son feeding his fake dog while his real dog sits outside, pissed.”

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Woof - Pets

Somebody’s sniffing up the wrong tree.

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Doggy Style

Doggy Style - Behind The Awkwardness

“Our family went to the local portrait studio with our dog, Prudence. My dad, who loved her very much, considered her a member of the family and therefore wanted her to be a part of the photo. When we posed for the picture, Prudence would not stay still so my Dad straddled the bench to keep her still. This photo hung in our house for years, and, the truth is, we were oblivious about its awkwardness until a close friend pointed it out.”

(submitted by Karen)

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