Bareback - Pets


It’s a beautiful day for an ostrich ride.

(submitted by Blake)

Poodle Party - Pets

Poodle Party

Anyone who’s anyone was there.

(submitted by Joseph)

Cat’s Eyes - Pets

Cat’s Eyes

Here’s looking at you.

(submitted by Daniel)

Birdie - Pets


And that’s her relaxed face.

(submitted by Mike)

Fancy Pants - Pets

Fancy Pants

A girl’s gotta have her things.

(via Irina Werning)

Operation - Pets


(via Irina Werning)

Ready For My Close-Up - Pets

Ready For My Close-Up

Some pets need a little more attention.

(photography by Robbie Augspurger)

Pet Noir - Pets

Pet Noir

Some mysteries were never meant to be solved.

(submitted by Brennon)

Thanks to Brennon for updating his classic…

Birds On A Wire - Pets

Birds On A Wire

Hey, it’s a living.

(submitted by Ivan)

In Your Face - Pets

In Your Face

A sign that things might not work out.

(submitted by Francis)