Theodin the Flocculent

Theodin the Flocculent - Pets

“Theodin the Flocculent is a very ill tempered angora rabbit, it’s debated if his ancestry is directly related to the Monty Python rabbit. He enjoys chewing on your rugs and pooping everywhere. Occasionally, he has been known to kick open a mini fridge and make a tasty snack of all your fresh veggies.”

(submitted by Tiffany)

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13 Cats That Look Like Male Models

13 Cats That Look Like Male Models - Awkward Galleries

Only a French Tumblr could juxtapose cats and a bunch of “Zoolanders.”

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28 Cats Sitting Awkwardly

28 Cats Sitting Awkwardly - Awkward Galleries

Think about it… is there anyone can pull off awkwardness better than our feline friends? That was a rhetorical question.

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funny bird picture, pregnancy announcement

“My wife is obsessed with tropical birds, and decided to do the pregnancy announcement as a symbol of creating a family ‘nest.'”

(submitted by Mel)

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Puppy Love

funny dog picture

Just breathe, ladies.

(submitted by Steve)

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funny cat picture

“Upstaged for the last time,” thought Mittens.

(via jake)

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