Pet Noir - Pets

Pet Noir

Some mysteries were never meant to be solved.

(submitted by Brennon)

Thanks to Brennon for updating his classic…

Birds On A Wire - Pets

Birds On A Wire

Hey, it’s a living.

(submitted by Ivan)

In Your Face - Pets

In Your Face

A sign that things might not work out.

(submitted by Francis)

Iguana Sex You Up - Pets

Iguana Sex You Up

It isn’t just birds and bees.

(via todaysplanet)

Iguana Hold Your Hand - Pets

Iguana Hold Your Hand

Read their lips– not photoshopped.

(via todaysplanet)

Kitty Corner - Pets

Kitty Corner

“Finally found out why the dishwasher stopped working.”

(submitted by Taryn)

Duckshot - Pets


Sure, okay, why not.

(submitted by Carly)


Yep, all dogs.


Jungle Book - Pets

Jungle Book

The dog was starting to feel a little threatened.

(submitted by Len)

Pet-A-Likes: Llama Drama - Pets

Pet-A-Likes: Llama Drama

(submitted by Kayla)