The Horsette - Pets

The Horsette

And this one was just right.

(submitted by Rukario in Australia)

Behind The Awkwardness: Pom Poms - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: Pom Poms

“My grandfather’s photo for online dating.”

(submitted by Kenneth in Canada)

Pets Episode!

Check out the pets episode of the the Awkward Family Photos show and leave your caption contest entries in the comment section below. Winners receive two signed AFP Books!
Once Bitten - Pets

Once Bitten

She had some questions.

(submitted by Cat)

Center Of Attention - Pets

Center Of Attention

There is always a camera hog.

(submitted by Anthony)

The Lizard People - Pets

The Lizard People

Cats and dogs are just so blah.

(submitted by Gloria)

Behind The Awkwardness: Cat Burglars - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: Cat Burglars

“This is me and my cat, Keke. Words cannot describe the torture I put that cat through. She lived to be 22 and would follow me around for some reason.”

(submitted by Isaac)

Behind The Awkwardness: Stonewashed - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: Stonewashed

“This is a picture of my family circa 1991. It was taken in a “photography studio” in a motel room. The process was pretty similar to buying speakers out of the back of a van.”

(submitted by Evan)

The Hammock - Pets

The Hammock

We all have our Walden Pond.

(submitted by Robert)

The Bark Mitzvah - Pets

The Bark Mitzvah

It’s not everyday your dog becomes a man.

(submitted by Alex)