Pretty Bird - Pets

Pretty Bird

They were trying to get a bird’s eye view.

(submitted by Rebecca)

A Handful - Pets

A Handful

When you got more ferrets than you can hold, you’ve got too many ferrets.

(submitted by Linda)

Please Be Seated 2 - Pets

Please Be Seated 2

He can sit with the best of them.

(submitted by Morgan)

Catscratch Fever 2 - Pets

Catscratch Fever 2

This black cat made the mistake of crossing his path.

Saturday Night Special: Groomed - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Groomed

They are both shedding.

(submitted by Paul)

Cat On A Hot Screen Door - Pets

Cat On A Hot Screen Door

Blue was polite enough to knock first.

(submitted by Rachel)

Shaggy Dog - Pets

Shaggy Dog

Some looks never go out of style.

(submitted by Mark)

Thrill Of The Hunt 2 - Pets

Thrill Of The Hunt 2

And that’s what teamwork is all about.

(submitted by Jacey)

Cold-Blooded Revisited - Pets

Cold-Blooded Revisited

Just a few reasons why we love a recent pic sent to us by the legend himself, Mike, from Cold-Blooded:

1) He’ still wearing the same dog chain bracelet.

2) There is a snakeskin shower curtain behind him.

3) There is a snakeskin shower curtain behind him.

(submitted by Mike)

The Big D - Pets

The Big D

“My mom and I were taking pictures after running Atlanta’s annual Peachtree 10k. We didn’t realize the dog had decided to insert herself into the picture in her own special way until after publishing the photo on Facebook. Our friends and family were kind of enough to rapidly point this out to us but it remains on the site to this day.”

(submitted by Lauren)