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Somebody had earned their treat.

(submitted by Chelsea)

Miss Piggy

This pig was only allowed on the furniture.

(submitted by Amanda)

Happy Easter from AFPP!

Some things are better to repress.

(submitted by Lindsey)

Monkeying Around 2

If they weren’t already confused by the concept of Santa Claus…

(submitted by Alicia)

Deep Cover

“My wife was rushing me to get ready for graduation. She said we are gonna be late and we have to take pictures. I had just gotten out of the shower and ran in with my cover dog (Biscuit).”

(submitted by William)

Tiger Mom


(submitted by Stephanie)

Behind The Awkwardness: The Happy Couple

“My boyfriend and I are getting married in October. So are our dogs.”

(submitted by Katie)

Stuck On You

There is always time for a snuggle.

(submitted by Susan)

Come Together

Let’s all agree to disagree.

(submitted by Zcod)

The Wedding Party

Not everybody was seeing eye-to-eye.

(submitted by Snyder)