Randolph - Pets


He was just thankful the red nose didn’t fit.

(submitted by Jason)

Mouth To Mouth - Pets

Mouth To Mouth

One way to feed the snake.

(submitted by Erik)

Staring Contest 2 - Pets

Staring Contest 2

The squirrel blinked.

(submitted by Marilyn)

Where The Cows Roam - Pets

Where The Cows Roam

You know you’ve been upstaged when…

(submitted by Janell)

Footwork - Pets


The bird isn’t fooled.

(submitted by Amanda)

Mystery Of The Week Photo - Pets

Mystery Of The Week Photo

Your guess is as good as ours.

(submitted by Kim)

Mug Shots - Pets

Mug Shots

AFPP would like to bail these three out.

(submitted by Eric)

Twitter - Pets


They only brought the bird out on special occasions.

(submitted by Suzy)

Samurai Dog - Pets

Samurai Dog

He would only bark in self-defense.

(submitted by Kazuma)

The Hat Trick - Pets

The Hat Trick

Happy Thanksgiving from AFPP!