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The Visitor

“While it was nice to have a cat door for the cats, our food was disappearing at an alarming rate.”

(submitted by Bess)


It’s the time of the year to celebrate with as many animals as you possibly can.

(submitted by Mark)


Brutus felt the need to express himself.

(submitted by Renee)


He was just thankful the red nose didn’t fit.

(submitted by Jason)

Mouth To Mouth

One way to feed the snake.

(submitted by Erik)

Staring Contest 2

The squirrel blinked.

(submitted by Marilyn)

Where The Cows Roam

You know you’ve been upstaged when…

(submitted by Janell)


The bird isn’t fooled.

(submitted by Amanda)

Mystery Of The Week Photo

Your guess is as good as ours.

(submitted by Kim)

Mug Shots

AFPP would like to bail these three out.

(submitted by Eric)