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They only brought the bird out on special occasions.

(submitted by Suzy)

Samurai Dog

He would only bark in self-defense.

(submitted by Kazuma)

The Hat Trick

Happy Thanksgiving from AFPP!

His & Hers

For those who are generally confused about gender.

(submitted by Alissa)

Saturday Night Special: Pretty In Pink 2

“Our (male) cat, Coal, who I used to dress up in these pink baby sleepers.. on a regular basis.”

(submitted by Joanna)


Thank you to Hilary & Dan for representing Awkward Family Pet Photos at the Spirit of 76 bookstore in Marblehead, Massachussetts!


There’s A Monkey In The Shower

There’s a monkey in the shower.

(submitted by Shannon)


This puppy will do anything to get out of a bath.

(submitted by Hannah)


She cannot get that cat off her mind.

(submitted by Jaclyn)

Daddy’s Girl

He figured that they should invite the children too.

(submitted by Anthea)