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Going Catty

They need to call their sponsor.

(submitted by Joey)

Horseplay 2

He wasn’t interrupting anything, was he?

(submitted by Heather)

Saturday Night Special: Doubt

Her only question was, “Why?”

(submitted by Brittney)

Happy New Year from AFPP!

(submitted by Coro)

Don’t You Forget About Me

Three is not a crowd for this kitty.

(submitted by Jenny)

Cookie Monster

Meet the face of desperation.

(submitted by Scott)


Go ahead. Take your best shot.

(submitted by Raphaela)


“I haven’t seen my cousin in about 15 years, but this weekend I stayed at the family rental home to see a series of portraits on the piano. Turns out, my cousin is a falconer.”

(submitted by Farrah)

Unsolved Mysteries

“This photo was taken in 1995. I’m the one with the blossom hat on. Please note: the ears on my brother are actually fake.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Sleeping Beauty

The guinea pig promised to be as quiet as a mouse.

(submitted by Ashley)