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Saturday Night Special: The Weathervane

“Bennie, we are sure, grows thumbs when we leave him. He has separation anxiety and he hates being left alone so he managed to push open a window on the second floor and scale up to the peak of the third floor. He was looking for his “people!”

(submitted by Cathie)


Say hello to her little friends.

(submitted by Sophie)


And this was Melvin’s best attempt at enthusiasm.

(submitted by Sabrina)

Saturday Night Special: It’s A Pug Life

It’s not easy to wrap a pug.

(submitted by Justin)

April Fools

Bijou is looking for part time work as a gargoyle.

(submitted by Arian)

The Adventures Of Hop Finn

This photo is shoot brought to by Easter & Mark Twain.

(submitted by Eric)

You’ve Got A Hold On Me

He was the only raccoon whisperer in his school.

(submitted by Abbie)

Prom Date

A yes is a yes.

(submitted by Billy)

Ladies In Red

They like to go through each others’ closets.

(submitted by Kayley)


The buffalo is such a backseat driver.

(submitted by Bri)