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Petting Zoo

We’ll let you caption this one.

(submitted by Jeff)

Vested Interest

Never wear llama to a llama party.

(submitted by Melissa)

Seeing Red

This monkey resented the hand-me-downs.

(submitted By David)

SNS Pet-A-Likes: Distant Cousins

Alex was shocked to discover that he was part llama.

(submitted by Stephanie)


You can’t blame him for being confused.

(submitted by Kris)


You can lead a horse to a carrot…

(submitted by Catherine)

Embrace Me 2

That’ll do, human.

(submitted by Scott)


A reminder to never go to bed angry.

(submitted by Renae)

Saturday Night Special: Embrace Me

Everybody needs to be held.

(submitted by Tara)

Panty Shot

Some dogs have no class.

(submitted by Aaron)