The Great Outdoors - Pets

The Great Outdoors

These pets are not allowed on the couch unless the couch is outside.

(submitted by Kevin)

Frisky - Pets


They couldn’t understand why theirs went through so many scratch pads.

(submitted by Bailey)

Big - Pets


Be careful what you wish for.

(submitted by Rachel)

The Kiss - Pets

The Kiss

8 lives to go.

(submitted by Tiffany)

Jeremy - Pets


Some things you just do for the girls.

(submitted by Jeremy)

Fashionable - Pets


Fortunately, our pets always stay in style.

(submitted by Brooke)

Saturday Night Special: The Comb Out - Pets

Saturday Night Special: The Comb Out

This dog could never understand why it had to be groomed.

(via )

The Bridesmaid - Pets

The Bridesmaid

They’re still waiting for their gift.

(submitted by Barbara)

Behind The Awkwardness: Big Bad Wolf - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: Big Bad Wolf

I’m the awkward little girl in the front. The wolf was borrowed from the Bell Museum of Natural History and my mom thought it would make a nice subject for a Christmas card. She also included a poem about wolves in the woods in the card as well as this gem. Our dog, Dynamite, was terrified.”

(submitted by Kelly)

Warm And Fuzzy - Pets

Warm And Fuzzy

This kitty is working on its cuddling skills.

(submitted by Mary)