Monkey Business - AFP Hall Of Fame

Monkey Business

You can never have too many monkeys.

(submitted by H)

Barley & Me - AFP Hall Of Fame

Barley & Me

Barley had been upstaged for the last time.

(submitted by Kirsten)

Kissy Face - Pets

Kissy Face

Not who you typically find under the mistletoe.

(submitted by Donna)

Armed and Endangered - Pets

Armed and Endangered

He says parrot, she says rifle equipped with scope and bowie knife bayonet. What more is there to know?

(submitted by Dominic)

Chairman Of The Beard - Pets

Chairman Of The Beard

You don’t get to hold the cat for nothing.

(submitted by Brendon)

The Pacifist - Pets

The Pacifist

We’re only going to ask you once… put down the cats.

(submitted by Phillip)

Nativity - AFP Hall Of Fame


He’s the understudy.

(submitted by Marica)

Loaded Tubbin - Pets

Loaded Tubbin

Bring on the tornado.

(submitted by stickZ)

Monkey Love - Pets

Monkey Love

A reminder to us all that when you are holding a monkey in a dress, you must own it.

(submitted by Ted)

Doggie Pile - Pets

Doggie Pile

It’s been a long climb to the top and now only dad stands in the way.

(submitted by Joe and originally posted at