Jeremy - Pets

Some things you just do for the girls.

(submitted by Jeremy)

In Pets • September 7th, 2010 • 15 Comments »


Fashionable - Pets

Fortunately, our pets always stay in style.

(submitted by Brooke)

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In Pets • September 4th, 2010 • 35 Comments »

The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid - Pets

They’re still waiting for their gift.

(submitted by Barbara)

In Pets • September 3rd, 2010 • 16 Comments »

Behind The Awkwardness: Big Bad Wolf

Behind The Awkwardness: Big Bad Wolf - Pets

I’m the awkward little girl in the front. The wolf was borrowed from the Bell Museum of Natural History and my mom thought it would make a nice subject for a Christmas card. She also included a poem about wolves in the woods in the card as well as this gem. Our dog, Dynamite, was terrified.”

(submitted by Kelly)

In Pets • September 2nd, 2010 • 32 Comments »

Warm And Fuzzy

Warm And Fuzzy - Pets

This kitty is working on its cuddling skills.

(submitted by Mary)

In Pets • September 1st, 2010 • 18 Comments »

Firehouse Dog

Firehouse Dog - Pets

Even the Dalmatian felt the concept was contrived.

(submitted by Tim)

In Pets • August 31st, 2010 • 19 Comments »
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