Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams - Babies

The NBA is recruiting younger and younger these days.

(submitted by Ryan)

In Babies • October 27th, 2009 • 84 Comments »

Feeling A Little Faint

Feeling A Little Faint - Pregnancy

“This photo was taken in 2000.

I am the pregnant woman who fainted. What are the chances that the photographer would snap the picture at the EXACT time my eyes rolled in the back of my head? The most hilarious thing about this picture is that my husband is the only one who noticed. His expression is priceless.

My mother begged my father NOT to purchase this picture from the studio, but I insisted. I am so glad I did.”

(submitted by Janet)

In Pregnancy • October 11th, 2009 • 87 Comments »

Bearing Fruit

Bearing Fruit - Mom

A reminder of the freedoms we fought so hard for.

(submitted by Brian)

In Mom • July 4th, 2009 • 215 Comments »
In Mom & Dad • June 17th, 2009 • 64 Comments »

Hands on a Hardbaby

Hands on a Hardbaby - Babies

Grandma lasted the longest at 2 days, 14 hours.

(submitted by Tonia)

In Babies • June 16th, 2009 • 103 Comments »

He’s Having a Baby

He’s Having a Baby - Babies

Proof that a man can be too supportive.

(submitted by John)

In Babies • June 6th, 2009 • 349 Comments »

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

(submitted by Andy)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • May 10th, 2009 • 397 Comments »
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