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The Towel

“This is a recent photo of a family friend in the midst of her pregnancy. Nothing says tender loving mom-to-be more than a pin up bathing suit and sexy heels. The white towel is there just in case her water breaks.”

(submitted by Marie)

Tiny Dancer

She was really hoping her baby would come out dancing-shoes first.

(submitted by Andina)

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

You can never start bonding too early.

(submitted by Anthony)


Her doctor did not do a very good job explaining things.

(submitted by Rocky)

Wave The Flag

Who wants the first slice?

(submitted by Sara)

Lighten Up

She already had the ornament, so why not.

(submitted by Evan)


There are times to plank and times not to plank.

(submitted by Nikita)


This family celebrates their strong connection.

(submitted by Tommy)

Womb With A View

She didn’t want to keep them waiting.

(submitted by Larry)

The Pregnancy Episode!