The Biggest Sweet Tooth - Mom

The Biggest Sweet Tooth

“My family assumed I would eat everything.”

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Restaurant Camo - Random

Restaurant Camo

“Waiting on food at a restaurant and realized I had the same fashion sense as the table.”

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Fake Gyllenhaal - Celebs

Fake Gyllenhaal

“Three years ago, happy drunk, I met Jake Gyllenhaal. Now I’m 90% sure I didn’t.”

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Blind Spots - Grandma

Blind Spots

“I was picking up my grandmother from an eye surgery center when I noticed all the signs are bent back.”

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Tour De Fail - Random

Tour De Fail

“I was caught with a slight ‘drinking problem’ at my triathlon.”

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Queen Of The Cows - Black And White

Queen Of The Cows

“In Nebraska in the 1980’s,  they didn’t just have just regular beauty pageants, they had special pageants for Queen of the Cows. I received a stunning faux crown to place on the felt cowboy hat of my choice, and a $200 gift certificate to my favorite western store to purchase my new glitzy outfit. The handmade blue suede leather sash had to be returned. As you can image, I was the talk of the town.”

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Shredder - Random


“So, according to my race pic, I play a mean air guitar while running.”

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Color Coordinated - Friends

Color Coordinated

“My friend checked into a random hotel and this happened.”

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Curtain Call - Random

Curtain Call

“So I (male) just rented out my room to a woman and thought I’d get a new shower curtain. I should have looked at it more closely before buying it. Will be returning it immediately.”

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Closer Than He Appears - Random

Closer Than He Appears

“E-bay 101: how to sell a car mirror.”

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