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Master Blaster

Master Blaster - Friends

“My friend bought a huge┬álaser for his lighting company and decided to freak out his buddy. Across town.”

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For Worst Results

For Worst Results - Babies

“This caught my attention when reading the tag for my baby’s swim diaper.”

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The Vacation Doppelganger

The Vacation Doppelganger - Random Awkwardness

“I traveled over 4000 miles from home to find myself.”

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High Voltage

High Voltage - Random Awkwardness

“I’m like 80 percent sure the Comcast guy shouldn’t have asked me to do this.”

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Serpentfoot - Random Awkwardness

“So this rather eccentric woman in my hometown decided to change her name.”

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Mom, By Salvador Dali

Mom, By Salvador Dali - Mom

“A surrealistic photo of my Mom and some dude, taken somewhere in Florida in 1957. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.”

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Small, Medium, And Baby

Small, Medium, And Baby - Babies

“The pizza place by my house compares the size of their slices to newborn babies.”

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