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Eye Contact Revisited

Eye Contact Revisited - Recreating The Awkwardness

“Hey guys at AFP!  I know you have had a lot of success with the “Eye Contact” photo (and my sister-in-laws family gets recognized often while out and about!) I sent in several years ago!  We recreated the scene over Thanksgiving.  Aunt Telcia is now 7 months pregnant, so we had my husband, Trent, ( Aunt Telcia’s brother) fill in.  I thought you would like the see the picture and the growth of the family featured!”


(submitted by Nicole)

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Recreating the Awkwardness

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“One of my mother’s favorite photos of the boys (I’m the middle son), taken about 1965 in a creek in rural Kentucky. It would be almost impossible to get us together in the same spot now, so I pieced this together over 40 years later. My mom treasured it until her passing last week.”

(submitted by Jerry)

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Recreating The Bride

Recreating The Bride - Recreating The Awkwardness

“My sister played bride as a child and when she finally got married, she recreated the photo.”

(submitted by Don)

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Recreating The Awkwardness

recreating the awkwardness, funny dad daughter picture

“My mom has been hinting around to us for a while now that she wanted me and my brother to “surprise” her with some recreated photos. We finally surprised her this past birthday with some.”

(submitted by Melissa)

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